Memories Album


Yesterday for Mom’s birthday, I added an album of fun photos of Mom to Facebook. If you haven’t but want to view it, even if you don’t have Facebook, this link should work – go to album.


Love to all and Happy New Year.


A Hello…


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Thank you again to everyone who loved and cared for Mom, who shared a loving friendship, who sent us sweet cards and notes, who came to her memorial celebration, and made donations in her honor. I continue to appreciate the love shown and always will. A brick in her honor was placed outside of the old Nacogdoches Public Library location in downtown Nac thanks to the Spiritual Truth Fellowship. All such loving gestures greatly appreciated. I am slowly getting back to social media so I may post here or to her Facebook page from time-to-time.

Come and Go Reception in Nacogdoches


Just to let you know, the Nacogdoches Public Library/Judy B. McDonald Public Library will hold a come and go reception at 3:00 on March 1 if anyone is interested in attending. When I get a formal invite, I will share that.

If you’re like me, you are missing our sweet Lee. Here’s hoping the warmth of her caring and fun nature is keeping better company with you than that little emptiness in your heart.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who joined us Saturday for your company and those who were thinking of her and us but couldn’t attend who were sending loving thoughts. 
I took a few pictures before the celebration got under way but I sure wish I’d taken one while it was happening because Mom drew a HUGE crowd!
We’ll never be the same without her but will always rejoice in having known and been loved by her.

Let’s Celebrate

We hope that you can join us this Saturday afternoon to celebrate Lee’s lovely life. We welcome you to drop in to visit with family and friends between 2:00 – 4:00 at her house: 3623 Appalachian Trail, Kingwood TX 77345.
In lieu of flowers, we encourage you to donate to either the American Cancer Society or to the Friends of the Nacogdoches Public Library.
We hope to see you there to celebrate a life well lived.
Best to you,
Sharon and Brian



Mom left us this morning at 3:45. We will be in touch regarding a get together to celebrate her wonderful life.



Mom is resting a lot so it’s hard to know when is a good time to talk to her. If you’d like me to give Mom a message, feel free to post it here and I will share it with her. You can also email me ( or phone me 281.883.7890. You can also call her cell phone; we’ve been answering that. Thank you for your continued love and support.

New Digs


It was a rough day. Mom is now on hospice and at Rosemont in apartment 236. She’s got lots of windows with a great view of trees. Over the next few days, we will be turning her apartment into a home. Thank you in advance Heather and Scott for taking the lead on this! And thank you for your continued guidance and help. You never hesitate to jump in. Actually, none of her earthly angels do! 

Thank you Sheyla for your continued devotion and love. Thank you Helen for your continued support and prayers and for being my rock today. Thank you Maddi for staying with her her last night in her home to make sure she got her meds and stayed safe. Thank you Gia for your continuous light and love! Thank you all for your love and support.

I will post her new address soon. Not sure what to say about calling and visiting. She’s very tired today but I think she’ll be perking up. You know my social Mom loves her visitors but we’ll be busy the next few days getting all things settled.

Call if you need me – 281.883.7890. Or email –

Thanks… love…   


But first… another hospital stay


We are in ER now – the Memorial Hermann facility on Beltway 8. We were told this was a way to get into a hospital room sooner rather than later so fingers crossed…

Update – or not. Why do I update when things are so influx? Because they always are… Will keep you posted.

Yup – going in/being admitted.

Mom Moving


Yesterday was a little rough…

Mom was very fatigued to the point of not holding her head up some of the time and she threw up last night and again this morning. The doc says that it’s probably not the chemo since that usually happens at 3-5 days and yesterday was more like 8 days.

Also, Mom’s right leg swelled like her left did when she had a blood clot so there is concern about her having another blood clot this time in the right leg. We are waiting to get an ultrasound now.

Finally, since her meds confuse her during the night, Maddi stayed with Mom all night last night. Thank you, Maddi! Tonight I have someone from Caring Companions coming out from 9pm – 8am.

So, moving you ask?

Monday Mom looked at Rosemont and put money down to reserve a room that overlooks trees. She’s fine with this. Yesterday, she signed papers to sell her house.  Anyone you know looking to move to a great neighborhood for young families? Of course, it’s great for lovely retired women too!

 I’m looking into selling her car pronto so we can get her there sooner rather than later.

Thanks for all your continued thoughts and prayers!